Pamela Slabaugh

Education and License

Domestic Abuse Issues

Ohio Supreme Court 

20 hours

Family Divorce 40 hours

Ohio Supreme Court 

Certified Divorce Coach CDC

89 hours

Guardian of the Estate 

Ohio Supreme Court  2019

Advanced Topics in Divorce Cases

Ohio Supreme Court 2018

ADR:  Domestic Abuse Issues for Mediators 2018

Mediation Classes with Ohio Supreme Court 2014-2017

Early Neutral child evaluations in court Ohio Supreme Court 2017

ADR Services International Basic Mediation 2016

Fundamentals of Adult Guardianship Professional 2018 Ohio Supreme Court

Certified Residential Appraiser for state of California 1987-2008

USAA Insurance Certificate 2018

Arkansas Insurance License 2018

Indiana Insurance License 2018

Kentucky Insurance License  2018

Florida All Lines Insurance Lic. 2017 

Texas All Lines Insurance Lic. 2018


When hiring an umpire or looking for mediation in divorce situation we offer a diverse back ground of knowledge.  We also mediate and umpire for wide variety of cases and do not limit our practice to divorce.

I am currently working toward my certification as a certified divorce coach.  It is an intense program and soon you will see a CDC attached to my accomplishments.

Over 7 years working with Alzheimer patients in elder care conflict

Small business owner 25 + years

Independent Real Estate Appraiser over 20 years

Owner and operator of a 100 acre horse boarding facility for over 6 years

Why Mediate?

You will be heard and you will be involved the outcome.  

Chuk Campos


Mediator, Arbitrator, Trusted Advisor


“Let’s explore your situation and maximize great outcomes.”

Much has been written about the idea of “different”.  At its best, working through differences can lead to new and better ways of doing things, overdue disruption of a status quo, breakthrough innovation, and even wonderfully synergistic relationships.  

“Different” too often leads to disputes, though.  Left unchecked, disputes pile up and lead to outright conflict.   We see this all around us and we’ve all experienced it.  

I use my years of experience to help leaders, teams, families, and individuals roll back their conflicts, analyze their disputes, and create options that can save their important relationships, save money, and save time. 

The sooner differences are addressed the easier it is for everyone involved to find their success.  The sooner problems are identified and acknowledged the better it becomes for everyone involved.  Rarely, if ever, is ignoring these situations the wise choice.

My forty plus years of business experience has been in a variety of environments from large corporations to small startups.  I’ve been a serial entrepreneur thriving on technology and innovation.  I’m a contrary thinker, consensus maker, and team builder.  

Mediator, arbitrator, and trusted advisor have been important roles throughout my career.  In 2010 I formalized this and was certified as a mediator.  

Two years later I was certified as an arbitrator.  Both certifications were done with Ron Kelly at the Bar Association of San Francisco.  

Since then I’ve taken advanced courses and training including advanced mediation training with Steve Rosenberg.  I read and study and think about better and more effective ways to resolve differences gone awry. My experience has spanned hundreds of cases involving a wide variety of matters.   I also hold a B.S. in Business Management minoring in Speech Communications from San Jose State University.

In my free time I enjoy cooking for my family and friends.

Kimberly Lorah


Kimberly Lorah, MS, LPC, CDC

Blossom Coaching, LLC·

I am a Certified Divorce Coach, Mediator and Licensed Professional Counselor.

 I have valuable professional experience and extensive training. However, what I think prepared me most for this career is going through my own divorce, transitions, and truly starting my life over. What I learned through my education, professional experience and, most importantly, living through my own very painful divorce, is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The only way to get through a divorce is to go through it. It is possible to make it out not only surviving but also thriving. As your Divorce Coach, I will support, guide and help you through every stage. If you are just beginning to contemplate divorce, are in the middle of the process or you are living your new life after divorce, together we can get you the clarity and confidence to make sound decisions and move forward with no regrets. Through Mediation, I can help you and your partner reach a fair and equitable distribution in the best interest of your family.