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Why Mediate

Divorce Mediation

A Divorce is very personal and life changing event.  Who knows your family better than you?  Who should determine your schedule and the schedule of your children?  Who should divide your debt and assets?  If you answered myself to any of the questions above you should consider mediation.   You control the outcome in mediation.

Distance is NO Longer an Issue

Mediation is now done online.  Yes so distance is no longer an issue.  Mediation online is very comfortable.  You can even mediate from your car if you are traveling.  I use Zoom program.  We have the option of private rooms if necessary.  Online mediation is also less stressful because we by pass the face to face meeting.

Save Time and Money

The cost of mediation is at least half of what an attorney fee is per hour.  With that said a mediator does not give legal advise.  A mediator will guide you through the process of determining what or how a conflict should be resolved or how things should be divided.  Once the issue is settled and agreed upon the parties have the option of taking the agreement to the attorney to have it legally filed or the client may file the agreement him or herself with the court.


Mediation is a private session.  Mediation is not held in the open court.  What is said in mediation stays in mediation.  It is up to the client to determine the level of privacy.  


If safety is or has been an issue online mediation is the answer.  The mediation can be controlled to where parties do not see each other.  The issue of safety is not a concern because each party is in a completely different and unknown location.


We use, an innovative platform for online mediation.  With we can securely share all mediation data, paperwork and develop all the reports we need.  The sync technology makes all financial documentation fast and easy.  This platform plus easy online conferencing technology changes the way we mediate.  Less cost, less time and less stress.  Eliminates confusion of lost documents and therefore once again saves money. 

some of our mediation topics


People choose to mediate to control the out come.  Another good reason is to save money.  Along with a divorce mediation can be filed within 3-4 months with the court and yes that does depend on your state.  Each state is a little different but they are all moving toward a quick filing program.  Just think of it this way you filed a form to get married so if everything is agreed upon you can file a form to be divorced.  

Real Estate

I personally have over 20 years of real estate experience.  I was an Independent Certified Real Estate Appraiser in the Bay Area of CA .  My specialty was unique properties.  An appraiser proves value or determines value.  A real estate sales person markets a property.   As your mediator I can guide you to open doors that might have been over looked in the real estate conflict or dispute.

Elder Care

My father had Alzheimer's and I understand the family issues involved with this disease.


Disagreements come up in the work place and what better way to solve them than to mediate.  Keep the employees happy and your staff communicating.  

If You Have a Dispute

We can mediate!

Mediate WHERE?

With the technology of today we can mediate, umpire, coach, ADR or complete an arbitration anywhere just as long you have an internet connection.   Call us today 330.234.1881  or email



 We mediate online or virtually which allows you the privacy of your home or office. It also eliminates a lot of stress by not having to come face to face with the person or parties that you are in a dispute with.  We do offer face to face mediation when requested. 


Mediators Goal

Our goal is to settle the conflict and or dispute in one session but follow up sessions are permitted and in some mediation cases it is necessary due to complexity of the conflict.  Arbitration is also an option due to your mediator is a neutral third party.


Release the stress in your life MEDIATE

 Resolving an issue is very liberating especially when you resolve it without going to court or seeking an attorney. Mediation allows both parties to participate in a solution or the out come of your conflict. You decide the outcome not a judge. I also mediate online or virtually which allows you the privacy of your home or office. It also eliminates a lot of stress by not having to come face to face with the person or parties that you are in a dispute with 


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