Divorce in Wooster or remote. Location doesn't matter with today's TECHNOLOGY

Separation or Divorce can be overwhelming

A Divorce is similar to DNA, no two are alike.  And because of the unique and multi-faceted nature of each divorce, it can be difficult to get the whole story.  Attorneys are busy, and their focus on legalities often causes them to miss underlying motivations and hidden possibilities.  Family and friends lack the knowledge and objectivity to steer divorcing people in the right direction.  The internet  is full of information but it is not someone you can confide in explain your unique situation.  Finally, there is someone to turn to!!  Your Divorce Coach. 

I am also here for those that are not sure if divorce or separation is the best move to make.  You may need to talk to someone that is your advocate and does not have a personal opinion or interest in the outcome.  I am here for you as your coach.  We can meet in person, over the phone or remote online on a program similar to skype or face time.

Consultations are free 330-234-1881.  Conflict and Dispute Mediation in Wooster

Make sure your Divorce Coach is  a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® 


Divorce Coach

A quick description of what a divorce coach is and does.  I work as your thinking partner.  I am not a legal adviser.  We work together with your emotions and your present and future goals and how to accomplish them.  A coach works with your emotions and an attorney works with the legal end.  This prepares you emotionally for the attorney or mediator.  By being prepared you will save money on your legal fees and you will be prepared emotionally.